Are you looking for easy cooking solution to save food at home? Here you can find recipes that help you to enjoy cooking and waste less.

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Cooking Time: 30min Serves: 4 Posted:Mar 2, 2017
A delicious meal made from Ox Heart, best served with rice, which has become less popular but no less tasty in recent years!
Cooking Time: 45min Serves: 4 Posted:Mar 2, 2017
With this delicious side dish, which uses up old potatoes lying in the cupboard, the advantage is that you can use the skin as well, even though the recipe doesn’t call for it.
Cooking Time: 60min Serves: 4 Posted:Mar 2, 2017
When you have leftover pasta from a dinner with friends, you can re-use the pasta and make a delicious pasta omelette!
Cooking Time: 30min Serves: 4 Posted:Mar 2, 2017
You can use frozen, blitzed tomatoes and garlic. I freeze jars of tomatoes blitzed with a stick blender or food processor in the summer when they are abundant, or the fruit gets damaged and needs to be eaten up.
Cooking Time: 15min Serves: 3 Posted:Feb 24, 2017
Leek has different parts. The green one is used in broths, but the inner part of it properly chopped can be used in a salad even when is raw.
Cooking Time: 25min Serves: 3 Posted:Feb 24, 2017
Hake is a very popular fish you can find almost all along the year. You should remove the mouth, eyes, gills, fins, entrails and discard them.
Cooking Time: 10min Serves: 10 Posted:Feb 8, 2017
When you cook beets, leaves are fewer than bulbs, thereby leaves are consumed and bulbs are left overs. We can use the bulbs to make a refreshing salad with yogurt.
Cooking Time: 20min Serves: 8 Posted:Dec 14, 2016
Ripen Bananas can create a delicious pie! Banoffee pie or "bananoffe" is an English dessert pie made from bananas, cream and toffee.
Cooking Time: 20min Serves: 3 Posted:Mar 26, 2016
This recipe uses leftover bread baked in the oven, best served warm with fresh fruit - the perfect choice for cold winter evenings!
Cooking Time: 30min Serves: 5 Posted:Mar 25, 2016
Juices and smoothies are the fastest way to use fruits and vegetables that can spoil if let out for the rest of the week - remember that they have a lot of vitamins. You can use any fruit or vegetable in almost any smoothie.
Cooking Time: 10min Serves: 4 Posted:Mar 24, 2016
Leftover meat from dinner can be used to prepare delicious sandwiches
Cooking Time: 30min Serves: 4 Posted:Mar 16, 2016
The more overripe bananas, the better the taste. It is a favorite treat which adult and children can gorge yourselves on, best with cold milk.